12 janeiro 2007

As I secretly wish for what I don’t possess,
And in my words what I already have!
I spit in the dark phalange,
For it doesn’t please me!
I curse the legions of demons,
For what I suffered!
And my pain doesn’t seem to go away!
But isn’t the flaming sword there true?
And as I use it to defeat them,
It consumes me and turns me in them!
In the end, my heart is broken again.
Nothing that I can do will stop it!
It will rebuild it self just to love again,
Love the wrong again, the same wrong!
And I wish for crusading knight to come,
And charges with his lance against mine heart!
To finally destroy what then was peace and now is war!

Escondido nas sombras do que fui...

11 janeiro 2007

How long?

It’s so strange the way you look at me!
You look at me like if I was a mirror!
Why? Can’t you see your own demons?
Mine wore feed by a broken heart…
It doesn’t mater if you believe or not,
Because they exist, they are here!
They are made of fierce steel,
Forged in hell and tempered by night!
They grow stronger and stronger…
In the night they turn in to nightmares!
Wend the sun shine they become dementia!
They scorn with the lie and by the lie!
They are me and I’m not them!
In the end nothing of this mater,
The only thing that mater is…

Feliz ano novo!